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Concept Art Too by NikoAnesti Concept Art Too by NikoAnesti
Another background, this one being of Weas' "office" in the new building. Like before, you won't see a whole lot of this, but it'll there. Season 3 settings will be more of the town and really...other places in the world. I had some character concept art but it's improtant so I'll add that later
scarymonkey Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2006
I love the way you drew everything.Especially the way you draw backgrounds without black outlines.I like how Weas has like,the boss's room.Like how in offices or in buildings how the Boss has the room with the huge window and view of the city.I think it makes him look more like The "Big" Weas.Before this he seemed more like a leader who wouldn't have much power over his lazy and bumbling workers,but now I can imagine Weas calling Nar,or Jimbob into his office and sending them through a trap door.Like the way Mr.Burns would do to Homer and/or Lenny in the older(Good) Simpsons episodes.
Cassquet Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2006
Why is Austin the only one here?

Well now I'm here.

I love this one so much. Especially the cityscape outside the window. ;o; I adore it! It looks absolutely stunning and very, very stylish. I totally dig it. ;o; I think there's something about the soft, muted blues in it that totally makes it pop and stand out to me. You do a beautiful job figuring out colour schemes~ And the stylish edges of the buildings are completely inspiring. I love the way the window is too, it's so big and awesome. So Weas can stare out it and yell at the buildings violently. The interior of the room is wonderfully done, too. I love that chair for some reason. ;o; Awesome work!! :+favlove:
KantQontrolMyself Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2006
Heh, very awesome. The simplicity really gives a neat sort of style, since not everybody really has to pay attention to a background to find out where they are. However, the room definitely gives off a feeling of superiority, so you win a buncha awesome points :D.
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January 23, 2006
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